For those that didn’t know yet, the new club training and social kit shop is now live!

Take a look and get shopping at...  


Training Kit Policy:

- The training shirt bundle on the kit site is HIGHLY SUGGESTED but not mandatory. Its £20 for two contrasting shirts. They look awesome. Please make an effort to buy these 

- All training kit is individually personalised with your initials or playing number. Add this in the initials box when adding kit to the shopping cart.

- The more you spend the more LOYALTY POINTS you accrue. These are worth 2.5p a point I believe and can be used as discount towards future purchases

- All kit items have a size chart. If anyone wants to try the kit out to check just ask Foxy at Wednesday training.

- Going forward into next season, we have the opportunity to form more bundles to make greater savings. Suggestions welcome!

- There is also a stick discount offer being discussed that will be rolled out next season. 

- Please, NO current playing kit at training. Training shirts are ideal, or old PGSOB playing kit, home or away, is acceptable. The more players we have in official training gear the more professional we look (and if you bring both shirts, it’s also easier for the coaches when splitting players into groups. Unless you like smelly bibs…)

- We also have some old stock available...the last few retro jackets (£20) and hoodies (£15) are still available from Steve Brown.

Match Day Kit Policy:

- Club shirts, shorts and socks are MANDATORY for club matches.

- Please talk to your team Captains and Steve Wherry for the shirts and shorts that we hold in stock (we don’t sell these online – yet)

- Socks are available from the same sources or Steve Brown.

- Away kit – we have a white away playing kit, that is supplied on match day. Please make every effort to return this to the Captain after the match!!!