PGSOB 3XI (B) Vs Truro B

Date 19 October 2019
Team PGSOB 3XI (B)
Opposition Truro B
Fixture Away
Venue Truro School
Start time 14:00
Result W 5 - 0
Time played
Scorers Simon Kerr, Thomas Hunt, Ben Pennington, Aaron Buckingham, Simon Kerr
Match Report

PG's ground out a 5-0 win against a resolute Truro team. Disputes piling the pressure on in the first half we only led 1-0 at half time. However as the game wore on and PG's started to play with more intelligence the gaps finally started to come with a flurry in the last 20. Mom Steve Hill Dog to Tom Hill for being 25 mins late to the meet and forgetting his stick. Did remember his sandwiches thou.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Isaac Whittaker 1 Goalkeeper
Stephen Brown 11 Midfielder
Simon Long 21 Defender
Steve Wherry 22 Defender
Simon Kerr 40 Forward 2
Thomas Barlow 42 Defender
Thomas Hunt 50 Defender 1
Steve Hill 55 Utility
Ben Pennington 76 Midfielder 1
Aaron Buckingham 77 Midfielder 1
Martin Freeman 78 Midfielder
James Stannard 99 Utility